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liz caputo

A South Florida native, and consequent lover of oranges, Liz has been with us from the beginning. Liz recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design, earning a BFA in Industrial Design. Pursuing side endeavors in music, ceramics, cooking, functional art, and woodworking, Liz's passion for making and collaborating with other artists is grounded in the satisfaction she gets from forming meaningful connections with others, creatively or otherwise.

Floating seamlessly wove itself into Liz’s life at a time when she was is want of deep reconnection with herself and her community, and created the perfect space for her to do so. Liz is excited to be part of the Remedy Float family and feels empowered by the prospect of getting to share that space with others and be a part of a greater picture that allows us to be and create

haley wars

Haley left Jacksonville, FL 8 years ago to move away with the man of her dreams.  He left his home in Carrollton, GA, knowing how important it was for Haley to be near the ocean. She loves all living creatures (especially bugs) and is rather attached to her chocolate lab, Ellie.  A few years ago, she decided to start going to yoga to combat the stress life sometimes brings and never looked back.  In May 2017, she graduated from Savannah Yoga Center with her RYT 200.  Haley believes there is something magical about becoming one with your mind, body, spirit, breath and being present.  Floating has its own way of doing that too. It creates this perfect little bubble in time where we all can feel safe and welcomed, unified with everything, in this present moment. It was the missing piece of the puzzle and floating has become a way of life for Haley.

cailyn blair

Cailyn has lived in Savannah for almost 6 years now and in that time has found love, passion, connection, and herSelf. Well, mostly. :) This journey is wild and so she sought out ways to tame the beast that is life and in doing so found yoga. Listening, observing, and being mindful in body, mind and soul became absolutely essential continuing on in this life for her. Not only does she practice yoga but teaches and guides others along their yogic path! Through the yoga community in Savannah she met two lovely women; Lizzy and Haley, who, little did she know, would eventually offer her the opportunity to grow in ways she didn't know she needed. A mermaid at heart, a type of therapy with nothing but salt water and her naked body was VERY appealing! Cailyn's very first float experience was at Remedy Float and she immediately fell in love with this beautiful form of therapy. Her call to be a bigger part of this wonderful team of people at Remedy Float came at the most perfect time in her life. In the float tank, and behind the desk, she's found another place to call home.


Henry came to Remedy Float on January 18, 2017. A lover of people, water, and taking time to relax and enjoy the present moment, Henry is the perfect addition to our Remedy Float family

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